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Around Mental Wellbeing
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Our Vision

A world where people who need support get support whenever they need it!

Our Mission

To create experiences and challenges that encourage well-being, raise awareness around suicide prevention and connect people to our resource database.

Our Why

We care that all people are alive, heard, self expressed and acknowledged with compassion.

Creating a New Understanding

Issues with mental wellbeing are common. In fact, they are common enought that it would make sense for you and I to actually know of what it means to have a mental illness, how to create mental wellness, and how to foster a culture that deals with mental wellbeing as an onging activity.

We believe the most powerful tool we have to create this culture is each other. GivingLife2Life is an opportunity to learn and share about what mental wellbeing is, how to support yourself and others when dealing with mental wellbeing, and creating a safe space for healing and learning.

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