About Us

At GivingLife2Life…

  • We care about mental wellbeing.
  • We aim to open collaboration between resources and communities.
  • We create challenges and activities as fun ways to engage and connect.
  • We seek to become a reference hub to steer those in need toward the many organizations and resources that are available.
  • We establish partnerships with credible organizations and share their information for those seeking Mental Wellbeing support.

Why GivingLife2Life?

We care!

According to NAMI, mental health issues will affect close to 20% of US adults each year. That’s 1 in 5 adults. Mental illness impacts individuals. Mental illness impacts families. Mental illness impacts communities. We care. No person should take their own life due to lack of resources. When someone is considering taking their life or approaches suicide, how do they seek organizations that exist to offer help. Sorting through search results may not be an option for some. Making it easier to find help is our goal.

Our Mission 

Create a committed community that seeks to create awareness of resources in the world that are geared toward promoting Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention through engaging activities that promote physical wellness as well.

We are creating a virtual/in person bike ride.

We seek to expand suicide and mental wellbeing awareness through partnered organizations that serve as resources for those seeking understanding. We carry out our mission by creating engaging activities that promote physical wellness. To start, we are creating a free, virtual cycling challenge that will allow our community members from around the world to participate, record their goals through an app platform (STRAVA) and share their commitment through sponsored jerseys prominently displaying the Cycle2Rise online information. 

We are building momentum and are looking for team players and leaders to contribute within their local areas nationwide, as well as abroad. For more information email we-care@cycle2rise.org to schedule a call to discuss participation options.